A Dialogue on BC Climate Policies with Policymakers

Our SE Chapter at Simon Fraser University hosted the event “A Dialogue on BC Climate Policies with Policymakers” on campus based on one of the Student Energy Research and Youth Engagement team’s Net Zero in Our Neighborhood Action Toolkit projects, Know your Regulator! The team’s intention with this event was to provide students and anyone else interested in climate policy the opportunity to learn about climate policy making and network with people in the field. They also wanted to provide a collaborative atmosphere for like-minded people to get together and discuss topics related to sustainability and hopefully encourage more students to join their executive team. The team is pleased with the engagement shown at the event, and received feedback from attendees that the event was informative and engaging. The team even had three attendees express interest in joining the Chapter! The speakers were extremely knowledgeable and passionate in their fields, and aided in facilitating a two way conversation between themselves and attendees. The speakers even ended up sticking around for an extra half hour after the event to continue conversations around local policies and net zero goals!

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